Hunter Jumper lessons

Hunter Jumper lessons are a great source of pride at Sovereign Farm.

Molding potential riders and helping them excel; not only in their riding, but in their horsemanship, is our priority.

It is important for the horse and rider to be able to communicate through correct aides and by understanding one another, Sovereign Farm makes this possible.

Equine Health is also very important to us. Students are educated as to the well being of their animal; the do’s and the don’ts of the Equine World. Whether it be maintenance at home or special care at shows, Sovereign Farm wants our customers to be attentive to their actions as well as to the horses needs.

Sovereign Farm Hunter jumper lessons are given in a family atmosphere where we encourage parental participation in the care of the animals before and after lessons. During lessons students learn everything from appropriate etiquette and style to setting a course. Sovereign Farm believes that this is the most effective way to achieve complete

knowledge of the sport.From the Hunter Jumper Ring to the Walk Trot Ring, Sovereign Farm takes great pride in giving the Student confidence, knowledge and the skills they need to be successfully compete in the Hunter Jumper industry.

Hunter Jumper Students with Trainer
L.A. Kaiser with two young riders.