Hunter Jumper and english riding lesson reviews

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Actual hunter jumpers and english riders talk about their experience at Sovereign Farm.

“Sovereign Farm is a top-notch equine facility where my daughter has absolutely loved taking English Riding Lessons for the last eight months. The instruction is straight-forward with no bones about it so if your child wants to be coddled, this isn’t the place. LA is kind and patient, but direct – and has expectations which include not only basic riding principles and safety measures, but learning to groom, bathe and tack your own horse as well. At eight years old my daughter has carried her own saddle, scooped poop and cleaned hooves, but these tasks have taught her respect for the horse she rides and the sport itself – and she has learned that there is more to it than simply hopping into the saddle for a pleasure ride. In addition, she’s built up her body strength, has better posture & balance and has gained self confidence because of these lessons”

“The horses are very well cared for by LA and her husband Richard, other family members, private horse owners and staff. The entire premises is beautifully kept with manicured pastures, a covered riding arena and a well ventilated, organized barn. You won’t find yourself or your horse covered in flies and stepping over horse manure at this barn. Instead, you will find it’s a place where any horse would be a lucky resident and where people of all ages and riding levels are comfortable spending time.”

Hunter Jumper with Horse

Kristy Adams

“L.A. Kaiser (Sovereign Farm) has definitely opened my eyes as to what lessons and training should truly be. First off, the horses are maintained and cared for at such an incredible level you know this person always hastheir best interest in mind. The stables are immaculate, the arenas are nothing but the best for both riders and horses, and the entire farm (property) is pristinely maintained . My daughter has been taking lessons from L.A. for approximately 8 months now, and her knowledge and love for horses has done nothing but grow. L.A. has taught her so much in all aspects. She (we) have had the great opportunity to not only learn how to begin to ride horses, but to have the privilege in what it means to actually be responsible, care for, and maintain a horse. Her knowledge and expertise in managing the horses and teaching her students “this is your horse” is what makes this farm the premier place to learn. She is very experienced when it comes to instruction, and always uses examples that my 6 year old daughter could easily understand. She has a very direct approach, and is always with her student every step of the way. She not only inspires her student as well as their families to be so involved with your experiences at the farm and the care of the horses you can’t help but feel you are part of a larger family.”

Amy Eskelund


“Sovereign Farm offers a quality and safe environment for kids and adults to learn skills, values and responsibilities in dealing with horses and life. And if they have some fun along the way, even better.”


Melissa Cisneros

Love, love, love Sovereign Farm!
As a horse owner with a child that rides the facility is amazing. This barn is top notch with exceptional staff who bring exceptional teaching as well as a love and passion for what they do which is felt throughout the entire facility.

M. Sharp

This is a review :Absolutely love Sovereign farm. My daughter has greatly enjoyed going to riding lessons over the last 2 plus years and has learned and progressed a great deal under LA’s instruction. The barn facilities are always well maintained and the staff care for all of the horses as if they were their own. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a barn or riding lessons in the Kingwood/Atascocita area.


Sovereign farm has been like a second home to us!  The trainers, facility and programs are amazing.
B. Lowe

Sovereign Farms affords our daughter the opportunity to learn how to ride and care for the horses.  She plans to be a veterinarian.

Martinez Family

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